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A Place Called Here OOC
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A Place Called Here
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Suppose your day started like any other day, and you're headed off to work, to school, or to meet with your friends. On the way, you see a different path from what you're always taking and out of curiosity, you take it. The next thing you know, you're lost, and you can't find a way back.

You're in a forest, and you keep on moving forwards and forward until you hear voices. You stepped out of the darkness of the shaded woods and entered a world of color. What welcomed your eyes was an entire bustling village with nations gathering. Some people were walking alone, others gathering in twos, threes, groups and in crowds. Sights of traditional costumes, sounds of combined languages, scents of cuisine from all over the world. You realize you hadn't stepped backward, or forward, you had entered a whole new time. A great big melting pot of nations, cultures, designed and mixed to create a new world. A sign beside you said 'Here'.

"Welcome," a person says. "Welcome to Here."

> No Godmodding, Metagaming, or anything of the sort.
> Please check the taken/reserved list before applying.
> As much as possible, no OOC drama please. Respect and be nice to each other. No one needs drama here. Leave it for the roleplay. What happens IC stays IC, and what happens OOC, stays OOC.
>Only 5 muses allowed max, and only 1 per band/group.
> Please try and stay true to your character. We know that this is an AU community but please don't be too different or deviate from your muse's personality.
> Please speak and type in proper English because we don't understand 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' or any language other than English, and so things will go smoothly.
> Friend-lock your entries, and community posts to keep this community member- friendly.
> Please update journal at least once every 2 weeks, and post in the community once a month. Post hiatuses and drops in the OOC community. Activity checks will be done once in awhile so if you don't do these things, your muse will be kicked out.
> This RP is LJ and AIM based. All muses must have an AIM account.

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