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The registry is a large wooden two-storey building with a decked porch across the front. An intricate carving of a scroll and theatrical feathered pen decorated the door. Everyone comes to the registry when they first arrive. Everybody's name and details are logged in these books so that we can keep track of who is who and how many people are here.

A cheery fellow calls out from where he was sitting behind a desk. On the desk a series of numbers were displayed. Beside the main door there was a board with all the countries of the world, their associated languages, and their corresponding numbers. There were dozens of desks in the large room. Each desk had a series of numbers and behind each desk sat a person of a different nationality. Queues had formed before the tables. The room was quiet and filled with the tension of hundreds of people who had just arrived, who couldn't yet comprehend their situation.

You take a seat before the desk and the man offers you a form to fill-up.

Now all you have to do is wait for the stamp and you're good to go.
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